JR Event Services Ltd were formed in 2009 by John Radford after working within the event industry for the previous 15 years. The company was founded with an overriding aim of taking a client’s vision and turning it into reality. We strive to work in synergy with our clients – advising, assisting, communicating and collaborating to achieve the desired outcome. We don’t dictate – we listen and engage with our clients to ensure their vision is at the forefront and remains intact throughout the project lifecycle.

We love our office location and look forward to seeing our clients at our Tickenham Court location.
Over the last eight years we have developed a team of permanent and associate staff who are able to work together to provide a seamless and dynamic solution to the needs of our clients. The majority of our team are freelancers who have extensive experience and expertise in their roles who can be brought together to ensure that the skills presented are those required to fulfil the project aims. This allows us to create the right team for the right project whilst minimising the cost to clients.

Throughout our portfolio there is a common theme of developing solutions for creative needs to ensure unique and exciting events take place safely and effectively. This requires close liaison and engagement with various elements from the Emergency Services to Local Authorities, Highways Agencies and local businesses, organisations and individuals. Many events have large numbers of stakeholders that require liaison and engagement throughout the project lifecycle and it is here where our experience and skills shine through.

We understand the need for close budgetary management and utilise a wide range of suppliers across the industry in order to provide both best value and best quality. Not having tied relationships with any supplier permits us to utilise those contractors best suited to the need identified. Our fee system allows clients to have complete transparency on the equipment suppliers and we never mark up these elements so allowing a true cost to be produced.

For Event Safety, we believe our team provides not just strength in regard to qualifications held but have the live event production experience to enable “suitable and fit for purpose” event safety solutions to be incorporated into the event planning, thereby providing a fully holistic approach to the event delivery package. Our industry experience in production, allows us to develop solutions that provide guest and participant safety without compromising on the integrity of the creative element. We don’t take a prohibitive approach, but rather a collaborative, informed and communicative approach that ensures the finished project works for all involved.

Our experience includes working closely alongside the artistic elements of events to ensure the creative vision is fulfilled as closely as possible whilst resolving obstacles from a production perspective in terms of a technical, logistical or safety related nature.

Although small in size, we believe we provide a big service to our clients, taking the best levels of experience and knowledge and using them collaboratively to ensure the finished product is the best it can be.

John Radford

John is passionate about keeping the business focused on what’s important, and that is always the clients.

Based in rural Somerset, John has been involved with the event industry in one form or another from back in school – he won’t give an exact number of years due to the embarrassment factor. Suffice to say, it’s a fair number!

Outside of event work, John takes advantage of the amazing scenery afforded by the Mendip Hills and the Quantocks and can regularly be seen walking the family dog when away from work.

His goal is to continue creating a small but effective Event Services business focusing on that bespoke solution.

Our Associates

We have a small but hugely experienced team of associates who work alongside us across our various projects. We always match the skills needed on each project with the right team. We have a wide skill base includes specialists in production, event management, site builds, crowd management, fire safety planning, technical infrastructure and numerous others to make sure we can meet the needs of our clients. The business prides itself on providing a team that hold the same values and ethos as the owner of the business. We never go out to social media to ask for additional staff but rather all our team are professionals we have met or been introduced to on other projects. They have the right qualifications and skills to meet our needs but above all understand that they are part of the JR Event Services family and are happy to ensure they meet the same high standards that we set ourselves.


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